Halloween 2010

By Cardon Family
Yes it started raining! :(

The princess and the frog!
Ah let me go

Daddy and the frog
Brooklyn really wanted me to dress up this year. I was a witch!

Going trick or treating
Brooklyn passed out before we even started trick or treating. Our pretty princess!

Brooklyn's Halloween party at school. Decorating cookies.

Bentley was way into carving pumkins. It was so cute. He kept stirring the seeds

That was our Happy Halloween!

Thanksgiving fun!

By Cardon Family
Thanks giving was so much fun! This year we rented a house in Park City with my family and my Aunt Rachel's family. We did a little photo shoot out on the deck to try and get some Christmas pics. I lost my camera AGAIN, well actually I think someone stole it but it's still my fault for not watching it! So these are all from my brothers camera, thankfully my cute sister in law took lots of pics.
Danny and Ash with Brooklyn, I told them they should use this for their Christmas cards, they look like such a cute little family! :)
Grammy and Papa Ron! Brooklyn had so much fun with them.
Aren't they good lookin? I just love them, we had a lot of fun together, Ashley is so funny,she cracks me up!
Little Bubs! He's getting so big!
The whole fam!
We tried but this is the best we got! Brooklyn with her fake cheese smile! Gotta love it!
We totally weren't ready, but I love candid pics, it's kinda cute.
Brooklyn making her very own pizza with Sissy!
And here is the final product! Yum!

Brooklyn and Bubby
My cute cousin Lacey pretty much held BEntley the whole weekend, he loved her!
Here we are trying to make yams, arguing about the recipe! They turned out fabulous!

Just hanging out in my saucer.

We are going private

By Cardon Family
We have decided to make our blog private. If you would like access to it leave your e mail on this post.

Halloween party pics

By Cardon Family

New Fam Pic

By Cardon Family

By Cardon Family
Brooklyn 3 yr old pics. My friend took some pics for me. Here are just a few she has done, there are more very cute ones I'll put them up when I get them.

Her mouth looks kind of funny, but I think her face looks so pretty!

Precious baby


Update on Bentley

By Cardon Family
Tried to get a close up of his face. He just finished eating so hes a little out of it.
Hanging out in his bouncer. It's so cute how small they are and the binkie takes up their whole face at this age.
Sleeping in the swing
His first walk,very successful, he slept the whole time.
I think this outfit is so cute, thanks grandma!
Awake time, not very much of it yet.